Who We Are

First Capitol Ag

First Capitol Ag is a full-service broker that specializes in agricultural hedging and was founded in 1989 near the site of Wisconsin’s first territorial capitol.

For nearly three decades, First Capitol Ag has focused its efforts on assisting producers and processors with their marketing and risk management needs. Our staff is unique in possessing deep agricultural backgrounds – we know your business and we know your challenges. Featured regularly on national farm programs and preferred by the nation’s top agricultural lenders, we work to continuously uphold our identity as America’s Hedge Broker.

First Capitol Ag is a member of the National Futures Association (“NFA”).

Discipline & Integrity

Our Focus

One of the most challenging elements of control in a marketing plan is emotion. It can trump your logic and keep
you from doing the right thing. Our staff works to lead you through a disciplined marketing system, all the while keeping your best interests at heart.

We systematically manage price risk and opportunities, and intentionally avoid trying to be all things to all people. This is our single focus.

What We Do

Key Services We Provide

Hedging & Risk

Personalized Guidance in
Managing Price Risk

Define your custom strategy using
our proven Six Point Plan.

Commodities Brokerage

Full Service Commodity Hedging
Brokerage and Advisory

Experienced professionals who
understand your business.


Diversify Your Portfolio with
Managed Futures

Consider a professionally managed futures
investment strategy.

Hedging & Risk Management

The Six Point Plan

Since 1995, producers have employed the Six Point Plan to guide their marketing efforts. With a proven track record, the program has allowed farm managers to take the guesswork out of difficult marketing decisions. Thousands of producers and nearly 20 years of results speak to the effectiveness of this service.